Affordable, Happy, Healthy, Homesites in Hawthorn Hill, Mahone Bay

The visually appealing, high quality, energy efficient homes at Hawthorn Hill reflect respect for our environment and significant investment in a sustainable future.


Surrounded by a 15 acre green space, woods, fields and recreational facilities, Hawthorn Hill offers the opportunity for a healthy home in a healthy environment.


Hawthorn Hill homesites vary by size, orientation, topography and price so best to choose soon to secure your lot and your future in Mahone Bay's premium neighbourhood.


Hawthorn Hill, Mahone Bay

Situated south of the tennis courts, a short stroll from Mahone Bay’s pretty shops & restaurants, is Hawthorn Hill – Mahone Bay’s premium neighbourhood. Hawthorn Hill is an environmentally responsible neighbourhood designed with a focus on renewable resources, energy efficiency, community and respect for nature and the environment in which we live.  Currently home to 11 high quality custom built homes (with others in the design phase), Hawthorn Hill offers healthy, affordable homesites intended to encourage the construction of energy efficient homes in conjunction with a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle. Amenities include paved public roads, municipal sewer, protective covenants and 15 acres of green space set aside for Hawthorn Hill owners to enjoy. Phase I is sold out. Currently there are 23 homesites available in the final phase, though no two are the same! So choose early to avoid disappointment.

Hawthorn Hill is developed by Neighbourhood Developments Ltd.


Forward Thinking…

Hawthorn Hill was the inspiration of Ian Startup back in the 1990’s. When it all came together in 2002, eagerly awaited Hawthorn Hill was the first of its kind in Canada, combining the concept of a healthy home and a healthy environment – outside as well as inside. Until Hawthorn Hill, Mahone Bay had virtually no new housing stock and, other than the occasional spare lot, nowhere to build new and  no architectural  guidelines to safeguard one’s investment and assure neighbourhood standards. Further residents had no protection from incompatible practices on neighbouring properties such as perfumes from fabric softeners, lawn sprays or lawn pesticides. As a resident of Mahone Bay, and long before the environment was front & centre as an issue, Ian had a vision for a neighbourhood of like minded people who cared and set out to design a sustainable community where ultimately he would be happy to live – and he did. With protective covenants and architectural guidelines in sync with the local architecture. Fast forward to the present, Hawthorn Hill has succeeded in attracting young families, professionals and retirees alike.


About the Developer…

Ian Startup

Ian Startup (Neighbourhood Developments Ltd) was an experienced R-2000 Home Builder, home designer and renovator, active in the industry from 1980, until 2017.

Ian’s working career was in the energy efficient home construction and renovation industry. After taking countless courses from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), CMHC and the Atlantic Home Builders and Renovators Sector Council Ian provided training for home builders, renovators and other industry professionals.  Ian was a member of CMHC’s International Training Team until it was dissolved in 2012. The Team travelled the world as experts in Canadian building technology and building science. Between 1999 and 2017, Ian worked for NRCan in their energy efficient home programs both as a trainer and as a Quality Assurance Auditor.

Ian brought this expertise to the design of Hawthorn Hill, including designing and building 3 of the existing homes. Two are registered with NRCan as R-2000 Homes.

An active sculptor, Ian was a long time resident of the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

His vision of an environmentally responsible neighbourhood, firmly protected by covenants, is now being carried on by his wife, Jaki, who is committed to continuing Ian’s inspiration for high quality energy efficient homes in the beautiful environment of Hawthorn Hill.

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